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One of the best children's bookcase slings for girls bedrooms or playrooms around, not only will it provide lots of useful storage for all those books it also looks stunning with it's neat modern design and pastel colours, this great quality wooden bookcase has been specially designed for children for ease of use and to encourage independence, the low level compact space saving design means it won’t take up lots of room and the height is just perfect for children to access all those cherished books with ease without the need to call mum and dad all the time. A stunning piece of children’s storage furniture for books which looks great and provides a useful solution for storing books to.
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If you're looking for a great compact storage solution for all those children's books that get scattered around the house and are hard to find then this great children's sling bookcase is the perfect solution for you and it looks great to. The pastel colors will fit in with just about any color scheme in any girl's playroom or bedroom and the low level back to the wall design will save space to.

The best part of this great item is how it encourages and helps children access and store all their books in on simple storage solution, it's designed to be the perfect height for them to use on their own and without the need to call for help all the time.

We think it's one of the best children's storage solutions around for children books and it looks great to.


Compact space saving design, small footprint but provides lots of storage for books

Low level design to encourage children's independence

Four great easy to access slings for storing children's books

Ideal for girl's bedrooms and playrooms with its pastel colors


L 61 cm

W 30 cm

H71 cm



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