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Our large range of wooden Teamson kids play kitchens come in a range of classic modern and vintage designs and colours for both boys and girls which will amaze any child and provide an amazing fun educational play time experience.

All of our items are shipped to you from our base in the UK at discounted sale prices.

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  1. Ice Mansion Dollhouse Palace
    Special Price £119.99 Regular Price £139.99

    The Ice Mansion Dollhouse Features Three levels of icy elegance and it's the perfect play place for all of your children's Frozen dolls.

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  2. Traditional Farmhouse Country Play Kitchen

    Our stunning traditional farmhouse country play kitchen provides kids with an amazing fun playtime cooking experience where they can cook up toy food meals for mum and dad whilst having so much fun. Features include real looking hobs, four oven doors which all open and close.

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  3. Country Play Kitchen In Mint

    Little ones can cook up a storm with this Teamson Kids Play Kitchen. Dishwasher, stove and cooking top are perfect additions to the kitchen which help your children whip up some creative cuisine. Help them get on making their one of a kind fun play meals today!

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  4. Teamson Lily Cottage White Children's Wooden Toy Kitchen
    Special Price £177.99 Regular Price £199.99

    Teamson's wooden white Lily Cottage toy kitchen is perfect for both boys and girls to play at cooking. It comes in a two piece design which offers flexibility both in terms of play and in how you position it within your room.

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  5. Teamson Pirate Children's Wooden Chair Set 1
    Special Price £94.99 Regular Price £109.99
    This fun pirate themed children's wooden chair set is ideal for kids who love pirates and they are the perfect match for our Teamson pirate table, ideal for boys and girls as a fun chair set or mix and match items from the Teamson pirate range of furniture so you can get the perfect combination to suit any little boy or girls bedroom, playroom , also see our alternative Teamson pirate chair set, it's now possible to have four different chairs to provide up to four children with their own special chair to sit on. Learn More
  6. Teamson Magic Garden Dollhouse Cottage & Furniture
    Special Price £114.99 Regular Price £129.99
    Girls will love this fantastic Teamson magic garden dollhouse cottage, this fun dollhouse comes supplied completely fully furnished with all the dollhouse furniture that you will need and two little miniature dolls who just can't wait to move in. We love this wooden dollhouse with it's fun whimsical toy theme "just like a dollhouse should be” its designed to provide many hours of fun playtime to remember for a lifetime, one of the best things about this house is the fun features like window shutters that open and close, the roof also opens up, and the front can be opened and closed at night time. More detail and fun then most others and its hand painted exterior details make it look truly magical. Learn More
  7. Dinosaur Table And Two Chair Set For Children
    Special Price £189.99 Regular Price £229.99
    The top selling Teamson dinosaur table and two chair set offers extra value when compared to buying them as separate pieces of furniture, boys and girls will spend hours sitting and playing at this fun themed piece of children's furniture with its this awesome design and art work featuring dinosaurs, trees and Jurassic scenes with volcano’s on the chairs, If two chairs are not enough we also sell them separately so up to four children can sit at the table at the same time. As always with the Teamson dinosaur range of children’s furniture all the pieces are, hand painted and hand carved to make it one of the best children's table and chair sets around. Part of the Teamson range of dinosaur furniture so extra matching pieces are available. Learn More
  8. Teamson Happy Farm Children's 5 Drawer Storage Cabinet
    Special Price £114.99 Regular Price £124.99
    Our Teamson happy farm furniture range now includes this great farm theme chest of drawers, featuring 5 draws in total so any boy or girl can store lots of items including toys, clothes and more. This quality fun piece of children's furniture will look outstanding in any boys or girls bedroom and provide lots of storage that they can access easily, the detailed farm design is hand painted by skilled craftsmen so every piece is unique to make any room extra special for any young boy or girl. Learn More
  9. Teamson Transport Children's Wooden Step Stool
    Special Price £59.99 Regular Price £64.99
    This fun child's wooden step stool is ideal to help children reach higher objects or great heights and it's also a stunning piece of children's furniture with a Transport theme including a truck and helicopter, it's part of the Teamson transport range of furniture for boys and girls,which features hand painted and hand carved details on every piece. This stunning quality piece of children's wooden furniture will look great in any kitchen or children's bedroom with a transport theme, As well as looking amazingly special it helps kids reach books, toys, sinks and toilets with ease and without the need to call mum and dad. Learn More
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