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KidKraft produce some of the best quality and most inspiring range of dollhouses, play kitchens and a range of children's furniture, the range includes childrens table and chair sets in a range of colours which are suitable for both boys and girls, a range of wooden toy boxes and storage solutions for play rooms and children's bedrooms and a custom range of personalised items where you can add your childs name and graphics to a range of quality items to make them even more special. Have a look at the stunning designs for both boys and girls and get some of the best deals around on our range of KidKraft toys and children's furniture items today.

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  1. Compact Toddler Toy Kitchen Bright Etd
    Special Price £87.99 Regular Price £119.99
    Little girls and toddlers will love to play with this super smart wooden kitchen with its bright colours and fun features, we love this kitchen with its small space saving footprint and compact design which still provides little chefs with lots of fun features like a stove, microwave , cooker and sink. The under sink cupboard provides lots of additional storage to for all those toy pans and food, so they can cook you a magical meal in minutes. If you’re looking for a quality play kitchen for your little girls that is fun, full of features and won’t take up much space then this kitchen is one of the best solutions around and it’s a great price to. Learn More
  2. KidKraft Red Vintage Play Kitchen
    Special Price £137.99 Regular Price £199.99
    One of the best wooden play kitchen units around which is suitable for both boys and girls, the red vintage kitchen will provide hours of fun for any child who will just love cooking up pretend meals and baking cookies for you. This classic retro design is packed full of fun features like a stove burners, fridge freezer, toy microwave and lot more, so kids imaginations can run wild with the endless possibilities and creations that this kitchen features provides. Learn More
  3. Pink Dream Dollhouse Amelia
    Special Price £127.99 Regular Price £129.99

    One of the best pink dollhouses around for little girls to have hours of fun playtime, designed for the ever popular Barbie size dolls which most girls just love to play with. The Amelia dollhouse comes complete with a 14 piece range of dollhouse furniture.

    Learn More
  4. Wooden Toy Chest - In Pink
    Special Price £89.99 Regular Price £119.99
    Girls will just love this pink wooden toy chest with it’s larger than average size, pink details, stylish design and features. This great piece of children's furniture will keep items safe in one easy to access place and the top also doubles up as a bench so children can sit and read books on it to. As well as looking great this toy box features the important safety hinge which prevents slamming and little fingers getting trapped so you can leave your child to access and use it with peace of mind to. The large capacity, stunning design, quality and features make it one of the best pieces of children's storage furniture around for your home. Learn More
  5. Children's Pretend Toy Shop / Market Stall
    Special Price £79.99 Regular Price £99.99
    Children just love to pretend and play shop keepers together, buying and selling toy food, vegetables and any other item's possible, this wonderful and realistic pretend wooden market stall is just the ticket for children to learn all about buying and selling, the meaning and value of money whilst interacting together and developing social skills at the same time, this fun educational role play toy will provide children with hours of fun and the space saving design will mean it won’t take up huge amounts of room in your house to. We think it's one of the best around with the interactive open and close till, chalkboards which encourage and enhance children's reading and writing skills whilst writing the daily deals and the blue and white stripes and neutral colors make it ideal for both boys and girls to. Learn More
  6. Children's Puzzle Styled Bookshelf
    Special Price £69.99 Regular Price £99.99
    This stunning puzzle themed children's bookshelf with its pastel pink, white and lilac colours makes storing children's books fun and adds an extra dimension of fun to any girl’s playroom or bedroom whilst providing a large amount of storage for all those books. This fun child sized bookcase features three large shelves to store lots of books and provide quick and easy access without the need to call for help, the shelves are also wide enough to add personal items like photo frames to make it even more fun. Learn More
  7. Children's Large White Wooden Toy Box
    Special Price £89.99 Regular Price £119.99
    If you’re looking for a large white children's wooden toy box which provides more storage than just about any other around which is strong enough for children to be able to sit on then this toy box will be perfect for your home, as well as providing lots of much needed storage for toys or even shoes it also provides the perfect place for young children to sit and put shoes on. This two in one item looks super smart in its classic white colour and it also features a safety hinge so little fingers won’t get trapped so children can use it independently safely. We think it’s one of the best and most functional pieces of children's wooden furniture that provides lots of storage for toys but doubles up as a handy seat to. Learn More
  8. Magnolia Dollhouse With Lights & Sounds
    Special Price £127.99 Regular Price £199.99
    The lovely award winning magnolia dollhouse will inspire any little girl’s imagination whilst playing with her favourite dolls and the attention to detail will amaze all her friends to. This dollhouse comes completely fully furnished with the extra special lights and sound dollhouse furniture which adds an extra dimension and fun to play time whilst the lift enables quick and easy transportation for her favourite doll to, any little girl will have hours of fun with this amazing dollhouse. Learn More
  9. Wooden Toy Workbench & Toy Tools
    Special Price £74.99 Regular Price £99.99
    Children just love to be creative and make things just like mum and dad do, our deluxe wooden toy workbench lets kids be creative with diy projects and with the toy tools they will have everything they need to make and fix things and feel proud. The saw buzzes with the rotating blade, pretend vice that loosens and tightens, four pretend toy tools and ten nuts and bolts will create the best creative adventure possible. Learn More
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